Justice Dept. mandates ‘implicit bias’ training

The U.S. Justice Department announced on Monday that more than 33,000 federal agents and prosecutors will receive training aimed at preventing unconscious bias from influencing their law enforcement decisions. The training will bring Justice Department employees in line with many local police departments across the country that have implemented bias prevention plans following a spate of shootings of unarmed black … Continua a leggere

Two dead after shooting in western Oregon

Two people were killed and two others were injured in a shooting on Monday in western Oregon, and the suspected gunman was captured by state police less than two hours later near Portland, a sheriff’s office said. Authorities were still investigating what led to the shooting just after 12 p.m. local time in a rural part of the county about … Continua a leggere

Supreme Court toughens gun ban

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday expanded the types of domestic violence convictions that can trigger the loss of gun ownership rights in a ruling issued amid fierce debate about reducing firearms violence in America. The justices, in a 6-2 ruling, rejected arguments that a gun-ownership prohibition should apply only to knowing or intentional, rather than reckless, conduct. In dispute … Continua a leggere

Oakland city council votes down coal exports

The Oakland city council voted unanimously to bar shipments of coal through a proposed marine terminal on Monday, setting the stage for a legal battle. The prospect of train cars carrying millions of tons of coal mined in Utah through Oakland before heading to Asian markets has inflamed passions in the city. Opponents argue it will harm health and exacerbate … Continua a leggere

For Obama, setbacks from a divided

The U.S. Supreme Court breaks for the summer this week, having dealt high-profile setbacks to President Barack Obama on issues important to his liberal legacy, notably on immigration and climate change. This will be the high court’s last full nine-month term of the Democratic president’s administration. Obama leaves office in January 2017. The court was one shy of its full … Continua a leggere

Harlem voters to pick heir-apparent

Voters in Harlem, the New York City neighborhood that once reigned as the epicenter of African-American culture, will go to the polls on Tuesday to pick a candidate to replace Rep. Charles Rangel, who is retiring after 46 years in the U.S. Congress. Nine Democrats are running to select the party’s candidate for November’s general election. In a district where … Continua a leggere

Britain’s Daily Mail backs ‘Leave’

Britain’s right-leaning Daily Mail newspaper has come out in support of leaving the European Union, an emailed copy of the front page of its Wednesday edition showed. The Daily Mail’s front page called on its readers to vote “Leave” in Thursday’s referendum. “Lies. Greedy elites. Or a great future outside a broken, dying EuropeBritain’s right-leaning Daily Mail newspaper has come … Continua a leggere

Panama heightens security

Panama has set heightened security measures for Sunday’s inaugural run of the expansion of the country’s canal. The country’s national air-naval services coordinator said Tuesday the government has prohibited most drone flights and low-flying aircraft in the area during the event. Authorities have plans to use about 11,000 security personnel for the inaugural run. But authorities say no terrorist threats … Continua a leggere